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Surly Big Dummy

by Surly


The honorable Surly Big Dummy is one of the original and most iconic longtail cargo bikes, from left-field cycle nuts Surly. Google Big Dummy and you'll see a myriad incarnations of this load hauling machine. In it's standard form it rides like a Surly (ie, just great), or we can add a Lekkie motor kit to convert your Dummy into a true car replacement for all your local travelling and transporting.

The Big Dummy ships with cargo deck and two voluminous and very functional and tough pannier bags which can convert to a 'hammock' type arrangment for carrying outsized or odd shaped loads. The load capacity of the bike is a massive 180kg (rider plus additional load).

Team up the Dummy with a Yepp seat (or two) and you can ditch the car for kid transport. Turn the school trip or supermarket run into a grin making adventure for you and your little ones.

We can customise your Big Dummy for different uses: kid transport, SUP carrying, cargo loading/commuting, business delivery vehicle, mobile advertising - options are only limited by your imagination!

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