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Moustache Samedi 27/9 Trail 3 2017

by Moustache


Full suspension electric mountain bikes,  not just for hitting jumps, these provide unbelievable riding comfort on the rougher trails.  Your wrists and back will thank you!


Moustache electric mountain bikes have been the undisputed leader for several years thanks to their differential wheel diameter concept.  This means it has a larger front wheel to get you smoothly over the humps and hollows, with a smaller, stronger rear wheel which allows for better torque transfer but most importantly one of the shortest chainstays on the market.  If this sounds gibberish to you, don’t worry, a quick ride on one and you will be rewarded with ease of handling, especially over tricky sections of trail where one needs to ride slowly around obstacles like rocks for example.  Quite simply these just ride better and allow you to enjoy more trails in comfort and control.  Trail motorcycles have had this wheel setup since the 70′s!


Featuring air suspension front and rear to allow the bike be perfectly adjusted for the weight of the rider.


Power-assisted bike—a bike that opens up new paths—that’s the whole philosophy of this range! We have invested so much passion in creating these bikes.


A Moustache electric mountain bike for anyone wanting to explore New Zealand’s vast cycle trail offerings. 

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